The philosophy of "How can we help" has always been the corner stone of our success. Our livelihood and yours, is not made with the first sale. Matching the right source with good customers is the only way a commission agent can keep you coming back. While the majority of our sales are in basic Cotton and Polyester yarns, natural and dyed plus Metallic yarns, we realize that it is the extra effort on "the pin stripes" or accent yarns that earns us our position. Excellent quality and reliable service from our technologically advanced domestic mills makes my job a pleasure, once we have had a chance to prove ourselves.

Billian Yarns has grown in scope and geography from the original start as an off shoot of the John F Street Company of Providence, RI and the Indian Head Textile Group by Harold Billian in 1970, to sell yarn in the Mid-Atlantic territory. Wayne Billian joined the company in 1971, and was there to carry on the business when Harold died over ten years ago. Today, Billian Yarns is the efforts of Wayne Billian and Kathryn Reddie to sell and deliver on time, high quality, uniquely styled yarns for the knitting, weaving and braiding trades.

Our goal is to sell yarns that resell themselves. Special shades, unique textures, niche' applications with repeatable quality, have been the areas of our recent successes. Ask for a sample. Be it Industrial, Home Furnishing or Apparel you're getting over 25 years of experience combined with the physical characteristics of the yarn. In this increasingly competitive Market Place, we must work together to create value without increasing costs. Please give us a chance to prove ourselves.